The Big Bang

9 May 2021

by Duri

Hello Cosmoonauts! Welcome to the Cosmooseverse where everything is possible and anything can happen.

Last year I found a community called Indie Music Feedback. This was basically the start of a new era of music making for me. I tried out many different styles of music, and worked with many musicians from all over the world, just for the sake of making music. I picked my 14 favorite songs from that year and made it into an album. The whole process taught me a lot, not only in terms of songwriting and sound design, but also that I am not alone in this world and that there are many others who feel what I feel and like the things I like. I knew I wanted to do more than just a collection of songs for my next project but I didn’t know what it would be yet.

When I first heard Flora Lin on Lohm’s track Unforgettable, I immediately knew I wanted to collaborate with her. She being as wholesome as her voice is powerful made me like her even more. I made an instrumental with some demo vocals and sent it to her. She sent me back some incredible vocals and lyrics leading to a track called Thunder. One track lead to the other, and suddenly I started making songs with her already in mind. She brought the pop into my music that I was so desperately looking for. Flora also introduced me to Woolion, who made the artwork for C6H12O6. He’s a brilliant visual artist who makes doodles in minutes, better than I could ever imagine to draw. Shortly after that she also introduced me to her friend JJYY, who is also part of their band OK Feather, because I wanted to mix languages and go full international/K-pop for a bit. JJYY brought the K into our pop and all the songs she worked on just instantly felt even catchier.

After making a handful of tracks together we decided it was time for a new branding. We had this idea of leaving Earth and going into space, since that would open up a whole new opportunity for our songwriting. Until then I’ve only written songs about myself and how I feel, but it was time for something more enchanting. It took us a while until we settled on a name. Since I’m the frog guy and the others had a band called OK Feather, revolving around pigeons, having an animal in the name was a must. So we settled on Cosmoose, which combined all these thoughts into one simple word.

From then on we were a team, each member with different skills and everyone with a vision of their own. We all did more than just make music together. Suddenly there was a universe where our songs could take place. We were represented by some cute little chibi avatars and there were stories they would experience.

On that foundation we started to ask more people to collaborate and many did! Now we’re essentially a collective of artists expanding this universe day after day. All because I heard that one track on Indie Music Feedback.