How to truly promote your music (for humans)

22 June 2021

by P. June

It’s almost the end of June, so no one better than our own P. June could give these insightful tips on music promotion.

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June is happy to give advice

Music creation can be a lonely and terrifying experience. And when it’s time to share our art, we can be confronted with many obstacles, not only from this ruthless business, but also simply from our own heads.

I’ve heard countless musicians saying “I don’t want to think about money” “My dream is to be discovered by a few music lovers and find a niche from there”

ARTISTS, I heard you! Today I want to share my 3 rules for music promotion, not involving money, and with a 100% guarantee to find new fans:

  1. There is no right or wrong way to promote, so do not let your human shame slow you down. For any occasion, always offer a copy of your mixtape with a personal message. Got a business meeting? It’s your grandma’s birthday? Comforting a friend? You know what to do. The more people hear your music the more fans you will have. PERIOD.

  2. Remember your early days sampling and recording every new sound? Use the same trick when advertising your music. Heard your neighbours were getting turned into chicken wings? Then go film them, and it will become the perfect teaser for your next hit.

  3. Be aware of your strengths and use them efficiently. For example, with my background as a physics researcher, I built the Comfort Music Bubble Gun. Anyone shot by my Bubble Gun gets locked into a bubble playing extended fan-only versions of my songs. And I can guarantee that this is the perfect tool to get constructive feedback, and gain a new audience. I swear to you, after staying in my bubble for a few hours, I NEVER met a single person who did not become a devoted fan.

So apply this no matter what your expertise lies in:

I hope these tips were helpful, good luck!