Wool's Favorite Albums for Each Mood

8 August 2021

by Wool

When Cosmoose is not releasing, I like to have good music to get in the flow. To do that, I need to have a wide horizon of genres and moods to fit my particular state.

Wool is excited to share his favorite music

As I always say, music is simply the sweetest brain endofunctor. But there is an astronomical number of good albums out there, dozens, conceivably hundreds. You can check on Cosmotify and Coscamp for yourself, it will shock you for sure.

So to avoid getting lost in all these references, I made this small guide to discover all the different facets of music, carefully curated by myself, just for you, for free!

Party with your closest friends listening to...
spdet 20, by Calla Soiled (Alternative Dance)

Whenever you feel excited and have too much energy to dissipate, move your body to this one!

Chill out and contemplate the beauty of platonic solids with...
Kalel, by Calla Soiled (Ambient)

Carefully crafted soundscapes, subtle and elegant, that perfectly fit a meditative state.

Struggling with silicon logic? This album is for you...
THREELAYERSTRUCTURETHEORY, by Calla Soiled (Experimental Electronic)

This one brings you from bytebeat to vocaloid, perfect for exploring the digital space. Also, you can download this one for free here!

Ready for an epic adventure, working on the Twin Prime conjecture and other mathematical gems? You must check out...
亜, by Calla Soiled (Epic)

When you start listening to the opening sequence, you know you’re in for a journey. There’s no turning back.

Need some light-hearted fun to relax after a long day dealing with algebraic tensors?
アルニメクト2, by Calla Soiled (Kawaii Future Bass)

The beautiful voices and pop melodies will make you forget about all that, making sure you will start from scratch tomorrow again!

I hope this will help broaden your musical horizons and introduce you to a lot of my favorite artists!

Of course there are other albums I like to listen to by fantastic musicians, so stay tuned for my next recommendations!

BONUS: Also, check out this exclusive song Calla Soiled wrote specifically for me!