Cosmoose’s LP is proof that the next Bond soundtrack is far from perfection

23 September 2021

by Ru D.

Ru D. has been really excited about the upcoming James Bond movie, and also about Cosmoose’s first album. He wanted to share a few thoughts. Presave ‘QT5PY’ here!

Ru D. is excited about Cosmoose's first album.

When I first heard the song ‘QT5PY’ I immediately thought “wow the Bond vibe is strong here”.

I mean it’s about a spy and it literally contains the title of the next movie “No Time To Die”.

I had the opportunity to meet the songwriter, also named QT5PY, an actual spy who works in a beautiful interrogation room with advanced equipment that would make Wool fume with envy.


QT5PY always looks calm and classy, and speaks in a signature velvety voice when he’s not eating his favorite Raspberry Tiramisu flavored lollipops.

When I asked him about the story behind the song, he looked frustrated and quietly said it was autobiographical. He wrote this while being in a very dark place, and this song was definitely some kind of therapy for him. It gave him hope again.

Then I pointed out that these lyrics felt strangely connected to the next Bond movie, and suddenly his expression changed. He replied “hey I’m the one who asks the questions here”. I had completely forgotten he had arrested me, again, and we were in the middle of an interrogation.

This song is so good it makes you forget the difficult moments. Even though it’s a very specific story, I can definitely relate to it and sometimes I think the song is about me. I’m so vain hahaha

Now it’s only speculation, but QT5PY likely submitted this gem to the Bond team, and the song was rejected. It’s their loss, and honestly if I hadn’t escaped I would have taken the time to tell QT5PY he can be very proud of his art because it touched me in ways No Time To Die probably will not be able to.

Please visit our Bandcamp to listen to the album! There is also an exclusive booklet with more details about the lore and characters of the Cosmooverse!