Cosmoose’s First Anniversary!

13 January 2022

by The Cosmoose Gang

To Celebrate our First Anniversary, all members of the gang left a small message!

The gang sends their best wishes for the new year!

Florrie’s message (Flora)

Almost exactly a month before Valentine’s Day, DHXP (Ru D.), JJYY (June) and I (Florrie) started working on the best Korean French Chinese German English, a.k.a. K-F-C-G-E-Pop project ever, resulting in our first song “Eyes Wide Open”. You can feel our love for fried chicken from Day 1.

This unbreakable bond marked the start of a fulfilling adventure, and many songs and stories started naturally flowing. The start of strong friendships and music explorations.

Our definitive name, “Cosmoose”, was only decided exactly one week before Valentine’s Day, and summarizes our space-themed chibi universe. JJYY accepted our proposal to join Cosmoose permanently on Valentine’s Day. 2 months later Woolion (Wool) became our brand and public image manager, designing all of our artwork. On Sept. 26th, the same day Einstein introduced the special theory of relativity, Daphne Cerez (7Cs) became the 5th official Cosmoose Gang member.

Today marks Cosmoose’s first anniversary, with 4 singles and 3 albums released. Among this new year’s resolutions, we are aiming for a summer compilation, holiday album and greatest hits.

On a more serious note, we would like to thank you all for your incredible input on the songs, remixes, mixes, character designs, videos and more. Our initially small project became super exciting and huge thanks to you. So happy anniversary to all of you, all of us, long live the Cosmooverse!

Wool’s message (woolion)

Thank you Flora for the definite history of the Cosmooverse. As a public image manager, I must be very careful with what I say. So certainly I won’t put no jokes in my message.

Collaborating with so many talented people is really something special. It feels like extending our universe to new, unregistered planets we could never have thought of. For me, this is really the best aspect about Cosmoose.

Thanks to everyone for this year, and onwards to another year of great creations!

June’s message (JJYY)

Eh…? Only one year? But I already feel like we all are family! For most of my life, I’ve been an isolated creator for music, photography…etc. But Cosmoonauts, these awesome people taught me that creation could also be AMAZINGLY fun together! Hey there, who is someone like me! Just overcome 10 minutes of shyness and break the barrier of your mind. Then a whole new Cosmooverse will show up, and we will be there to welcome you with CC. 빨리 빨리 빨리 it’s time to start!

P.S. I don’t know why but it’s always fun to write P.S, it makes me want to add more and more.

P.S2. Oh right, I forgot one minor thing: we… cannot guarantee your safety. I know I know, it’s so trivial so no need to mention, just forget it :) AAARGH! The agents are here! RUN!!!!

7Cs’ message (Daphne Cerez)

Cosmoose is everything I ever hoped for when I started looking to write songs with others. Created by some of the most kind and talented people I have ever met, the Cosmooverse is extremely fun to explore! I’m so excited to be building this world with them and looking forward to another year of Cosmoose!

Ru D.’s message (DHXP)

I’m really happy to see Cosmoose flourish and grow and even after one year has passed we’re still thinking about new ideas and projects we can work on.

The Cosmoose gang has taught me a lot about teamwork and what can be done in addition to making music. As the Cosmooverse is expanding, we meet new friends and collaborators who are all so eager to work with us and I am super grateful for them! For example we had a music video made for Eyes Wide Open by LockModern or super cool posters of our artwork made by Manfilth.

Not to mention all the remixers who took a shot at remixing all songs from our debut album!

With Flora, Wool, JJYY and Daphne by my side I feel like we can achieve anything if we put in the time and work and that’s a feeling that has been with me this whole year.

Cheers to another one!