New album, New galaxies! (The year in review)

23 January 2023

by The Cosmoose Gang

Here we review Cosmoose’s 2022 and announce the new album!

New Galaxies Cover Illustration


This Friday our new album, New Galaxies, was just released on Spotify and all other streaming platforms (Youtube, other links in this linktree), as well as BandCamp.

We are very excited about this album, which features a plethora of new collaborations with great artists, including our great friends from IMF, Rielle and Coyoti, Zephyrianna and a remix of Wool’s favorite CallaSoiled.

This album got a number of great illustrations to accompany each main track: Song illustrations for the second album

Year in review

This release coincides with Cosmoose’s own second anniversary, so let us look back on what we released this past year.

CC’s Road to Stardom: a text adventure game

With a great soundtrack by Cosmoose’s own DHXP, and beautiful modern pixel art by Woolion, this is a treat for young or older players alike. You can play it for free in your browser!

CC's Road to Stardom

AI art Experiment: Stable Diffusion

Woolion got excited about this one. Could he be replaced, for free, by an AI program? Unfortunately, the results were not up to snuff. Not entirely discouraged, he used Dreambooth to tweak the model on his own art, but the results somehow got worse (maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here). You can read more about this in this dedicated post.

Art by Stable Diffusion

AI music Experiment: Pop2piano

Not learning from his previous run, Woolion tried to replace DHXP with an AI. Well, not really, this AI generates piano covers from pop songs, so you still need someone to make the music in the first place. The result? You can hear it on Heroic, and soon others songs as we release some of the best results.

Tying loose ends

We did a few other things, like a series of wallpapers based on conformal transformation of the plan, or released new merch. To finish the year, we took part in this year’s great IMF Christmas compilation, with a cover of ‘Friendly beasts’, a fitting title that got nicely packaged by DHXP, who did not put a Santa hat but might as well have done.

IMF Christmas album cover

The Cosmooverse continued to expand with new characters, so new stories are also coming up; the new album comes with a new story booklet telling more about the gang’s formation. But more are yet to come!

Great things to come

There are many things we are working hard to bring to life this new year. Rumor is Woolion has to illustrate some storybooks, maybe this post will force him to finish them. A full conversation with great metal maestro Manfilth is coming; with topics ranging from inspiration to process and talent, it’s a walk through each own path to creativity.

As for the first album, this album will be made available as stems so that some of our great friends can do their own remixes. The remix album was one of the greatest events we could think of; the creativity of such a diverse crew of musicians blew us away and made something very unique in its own right. It’s hard to thank them enough, and we hope to see them again for this new challenge, along with some new faces!